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Guncraft Beta Live! + Pre-Order Is up!

Guncraft beta is live and kicking! Check your email for your beta invites.

Also, pre-orders are now being taken through Paypal. If you pre-order the game, you will get priority access to the beta as well as some other perks we have yet to announce (it will be an exclusive texture and character pack). Priority access means you get pushed to the front of the line, behind other people who pre-ordered. When new waves of invites are ready to go out, you'll have first dibs on those keys. So if you want to get your Guncraft fix now, pre-order!

Block & Load!

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Guncraft Soft Beta Launch Active. Closed Beta Coming SOON!

Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of updates (I'm better at updating Twitter and Facebook). Anyway, we just launched the soft launch of our closed beta to all of our Kickstarter backers. The real launch is coming very soon though. Check out our Guncraft Beta Launch Trailer for the date it will be coming out. We are also parodying a certain game that everyone likes to compare us to. Don't forget to sign up for beta if you haven't already. Otherwise you won't get to play. We will be opening up pre-orders for the game soon that come with special benefits. One of which is priority access to the beta. You get to skip the line!



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