Our game is called Progenitor. Categorically you could call it an Action Strategy game, but to those who are familiar with the games Defense of the Ancients, Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends, or Demigod, it follows a similar genre set forth by them.

Guncraft site has launched early! Best FPS Voxel based game ever, teased at http://www.exatogames.com #PC #XBLIG #Minecraft
Little something for messing up the countdown timer clock. Enjoy! http://fb.me/1eWIsBFhI
5 PM we announce the best game ever [to be] made in the Minecraft genre. Go to our facebook to get in on alpha testing. #PC #XBLIG
Announced some information on the new game on our Facebook page, including the name and a picture. Go look! #XBLIG #PC
New reveal coming very soon. Countdown timer/clue @ exatogames.com #PC #xblig
Anyone know of any really, really quality looking Minecraft maps (like Vecter City)? #minecraft
Humble Indie Bundle has some epic games this time around. Was an insta-buy for me. http://www.humblebundle.com #humblebundle
If anyone hasn't checked out Nitronic-Rush yet, you totally should. It's amazing, and FREE.
New website modifications are almost done and the announcement is very close. Should be ready very, very soon.